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Anyone can make a cocktail. But to make sure it is a good, if not great, cocktail, it is important to have not only a proper recipe, but also a certain amount of understanding about the overall process as well. This is why I created the DrinkBoy website in 1998. Here you will find a hand-picked collection of cocktail recipes that I have been collecting over the years, a few articles that I've prepared as I traveled along this journey, and on some of the recipes you will also find links to the YouTube videos of "The Cocktail Spirit" where I demonstrate how to make these drinks and discuss their history, ingredients, and any necessary techniques.

The DrinkBoy website was one of the first sites to promote and provide insights on "Craft Cocktails". Many hearald it as being one of the main reasons bartenders as well as customers have embraced cocktails as a cuisine instead of just an alcohol delivery vehicle. While I don't update this site very often, I do periodically add new recipes, as well as tweak/improve the existing recipes.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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These days, everything we might possibly want to access is on our phones. Including of course websites such as The problem however, is that I haven't (yet) taken the time to make this site automatically adjust itself to different display sizes. I have however created a "special" version of this site which is designed to display well on cell phones and other small displays. It doesn't contain all of the information on the main site, but it does contain all of the recipes. You might want to check it out.
The Cocktail Spirit
For many years, I worked with Small Screen Network to produce online episodes of "The Cocktail Spirit" where I demonstrated how to make many different drinks that you will find here as well as sharing tips on how to make them properly, and details on their history. While Small Screen Network has closed up shop, all of the episodes are now available on YouTube. You can access
YouTube Playlist for The Cocktail Spirit
The Chanticleer Society
You may also be interested in checking out "The Chanticleer Society", which is another website that I run, where I am building up a "wiki" of cocktail and spirits related informtion. In the past, this site had been a "discussion forum" for various cocktail discussions, but most of these conversations have moved on to FaceBook, Twitter, and other forms of social media. By converting it to a Wiki, I feel it will be able to be a valuable resource to cocktail enthusiasts around the world.

Most Recent Article:

Sour Mix: How to Wield That Hammer
Sour mix is an ingredient that many beginners find to be rather confusing. Hopefully I can assist in removing some of the mystery of this very simple ingredient, as well as provide some pointers on it's proper usage.
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Featured Cocktail:

This cult favorite first appeared in 1916, in "Recipes for Mixed Drinks", by Hugo Ensslin, head bartender at Times Square’s Hotel Wallick. Ensslin’s original formula called for the drink to also include crème de violette, which tints the drink a light sky blue. It is Harry Craddock's "Savoy Cocktail Book" from 1930 in which we find the version of the Aviation without the crème de violette, but otherwise it is the exact same recipe as Mr. Ensslins.
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Featured Book:

The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails
An extremely important encyclopedic compendium of information on virtually everything related to cocktails and spirits.
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Featured Website:

Cocktail Kingdom
With an ever expanding collection of high-quality tools and books, Cocktail Kingdom has become a very important resource for most of the worlds craft bars and their bartenders.
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