Tools for the well equipt mixologist

A well stocked bar means more than just having the right spirits on hand, it also means having the proper tools at your disposal for mixing your cocktails just right. In the following list I’ll try to identify, describe, and provide pointers to where to buy as many different tools as might be useful to have in your bar. Many of these of course may be needed on rare occasions, if at all.

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There are a few different categories of tools you might need, I've tried to break down the tools I have gathered here into a few different categories to make it easier to understand which tools might be the best for you.


There are certain tools which should be considered as basic and necessary in order to feel comfortable mixing up a good cocktail. The tools I've collected in this list could be considered a "shopping list" for you to pick up.

Bar Spoon, Cocktail Shaker, Glassware, Ice Crusher, Jigger, Juicer, Paring Knife, Strainer,


Once you have the basics down, it's time to expand your equiptment to include some of the slightly more advanced tools to make it easier to make some drinks. These tools can include ones which are simply fancier/better versions of the "Basic" tools, as well as tools which I don't consider quite as "necessary".

Bar Spoon, Cocktail Shaker, Corkscrew, General Supplies, Jigger, Juicer, Mixing Glass, Muddler,


While not necessary, there are some tools which you may which to add to your collection.

Absinthe, Glassware,


There are some items which aren't really important to have, but they can often add that special little finishing touch.

Bitters Bottles, Cocktail Picks, General Supplies,


You may sometimes need some specially themed products, tools, or devices which can help add a little fun.

Cocktail Picks,


Alas, some tools become discontinued and will be difficult, if not impossible to find. You can check eBay or other auction sites for these.

Jigger, Juicer, Muddler,