Books for the Cocktailian Library

An important tool for the craft bartender, is to maintain a personal library which they can use for their research. To help you discover books which you may wish to add to your own collection, I list below a few of the books from my own library, with details about them which will hopefully help you determine if they would be valuable for your needs.

I will provide a rating for each book to help you quickly see the importance I apply to this book. Rating will go from -1 to 3. A rating of -1 basically just means it is a book I happen to have in my library, but don't necessarily recommend it. A rating of 0 means it is a worthwhile book, but shouldn't be top on your list. While ratings of 1, 2, and 3 represent books which I think are valuable to have in a library, with 3 representing the most important books for a craft mixologist to acquire.

Clicking on one of the books listed below will take you to a detail page for that book, and hovering your mouse over any book will display some brief details.

UPDATE: 4/17/2020 I have to admit, this list is perhaps getting a little long-in-the-tooth. I haven't done much in the way of real updates to the site in a LONG time, especially to some of the non-cocktai-recipe related sections. The books listed here are (at the moment anyway) more of a "snapshot in time" of the books which were available around 2008 or so. There were SO few cocktail books available back in those days, that it wasn't terribly hard to keep up with them, but now, every time I think about "I really should get this list updated", I stop to think how much work that will be, and put it off until "tomorrow". One of these days...

Recently Added Books: