New Classic Cocktails

by: Gary Regan and Mardee Haiden Regan

John Wiley & Sons

My favorite cocktail books are the ones that do more then simply spout off an ingredient list for the recipes they present. In New Classic Cocktails, Gary and Mardee really pull out the stops when sharing with their readers the specifics of the cocktails they list in their book.
Through extensive research and conversations with leading bartenders across the nation, they present 50 different cocktails that represent the cross section of where the modern cocktail has been, and is going. In addition to common favorites such as the Cosmopolitan, they also present some unique recipes that are "specialties of the house" of some of the exclusive cocktail lounges that they have encountered such as the Cinnabar Negroni (From the Cinnabar Restaurant in Los Angeles).

Even though the quantity of recipes in this book is limited, the Quality can't be beat. If you learn to make just a couple of the cocktails presnted in this book, I guarantee you that you will make a splash with all of your friends.