244 Jackson St
San Francisco
Phone: (415) 956-3004

Frisson hides a well crafted cocktail experience behind the guise of a hip and trendy dining venue.
Bar manager Duggan McDonnell provides a strict and qualified hand at controlling the bar and its wonderful offerings. With a definite attention to quality and balance, the cocktails provided by the talented Frisson bartenders are well matched with the exciting variety of offerings from their dinner menu.
On my visit, I spent some time chatting with Duggan about his thoughts and opinions about properly crafted cocktails, and he indeed is in line with my own beliefs that there is both and art, and a cuisine associated with a well executed cocktail. I probably should have asked to take a tour of the restaurant, since at least one of the on-line reviews I've read mentioned that they have a second bar downstairs, which is a little quieter and less busy then their main bar. Such bars often have the time and patience to take a little extra trouble with the cocktails they make, and I love finding those when they are available. Guess that's a good reason to plan another trip to San Francisco in the near future.
In all, I highly recommend that you give Frisson a try, and see if you too find the same level of culinary achievement that I did.