170 Thompson St
New York
Phone: (212) 982-5089
Daily 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-11:30pm

We all wish that the neighborhood we live in could also contain one of those great little restaurants that are both comfortable and relaxed, as well as serving the type of food that you can't wait to show off to out-of-town guests. If I were to live in New York, I just might try to live near Lupa just so that I could stack the deck in my favor.

The cuisine of Lupa obtains its inspiration from a traditional Roman trattoria, including such classics as Rigatoni, Gnocchi, and Saltimbocca. And as a precursor to your dinner, you would certainly be amiss not to try out a few selections from their well-rounded antipasti menu.

The bar at Lupa is simply part of their front dining room, and so as such isn't so much of a destination as it is a stopping off point on your way somewhere else. But you'll be amazed by the selection of Italian bitters and digestives that they offer, one of the largest selections I've ever seen.