Dry Martini
Aribau 162-166
Tel: 34-93 217 50 72

Hours: 6:30pm-2:30am daily
(Closed Sunday?)

The Dry Martini is a very classic, as well as classy, cocktail bar. Immediately upon walking in the door, you are presented with a beautiful long wooden bar. One of the things that I loved about the bar itself, was that on the customer side, there was a handy shelf located right below the bar top, which allows customers a handy place to place purses, packages, or other awkward belongings while you relax at the bar. The bar itself is long and with ample seating, and throughout the room you will find plenty of table space for either small groups, or even larger gatherings.

As you look around the Dry Martini, you might feel like you have walked into a Cocktail Museum. All along the wall behind the bar you will see countless antique bottles, and bar equipment on display. Even the layout of the bartender stations along the top of the bar look like they are little museum exhibits, but then the bartenders come up and start actively using these tools to mix up the various drinks they serve their customers.

Seeing all of this great attention to detail regarding the classic trappings of the bartenders art, it was of course no surprise to me that the Old Fashioned they made for me was excellent. In mixing up my Old Fashioned, the bartender carefully picked through the large ice cubes in the waiting bucket, almost as if picking through fresh produce. He then garnished the drink with the uncharacteristic green cherry, along with the normal orange wheel, maraschino cherry, and the occasionally used lemon slice.

I highly recommend that you give Dry Martini a try, not only for it's expertly prepared cocktails, but also to simply look at it's wonderful museum quality presentation of ancient bottles and bar ware.