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The Common Connoisseur
(Categories: Blog, Cocktails, Wine & Spirits, Informational, )

This fledgling site is providing its users with useful information about the styles of beer, wine, and spirits. It also has a growing collection of drinking related quotes as well as a glossary of terms.
The Liquid Muse
(Categories: Bartending, Blog, Cocktails, Food & Cuisine, Recipes, Wine & Spirits, Informational, News & Events, )

Natalie Bovis-Nelsen "is" the Liquid Muse. On her site she covers a world-wide range of wine and spirits information, events, and products.
The Wormwood Society
(Categories: Bartending, Cocktails, Recipes, Wine & Spirits, Informational, Discussion Forum, )

Absinthe has made an important comeback in recent days, and the Wormwood Society is one of the key places to get information about absinthe, reviews on absinthe, as well as very active and informative discussion forums.
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