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The featured book:
DIY Cocktails
by Marcia Simmons and Jonas Halpren
DIY Cocktails provides a step by step guide to understanding why the "classic" cocktail recipes work, and then encouraging the reader to try their own modifications in an effort to become more comfortable with coming up with their own recipes.
"The Cocktail Spirit" with Robert Hess

As many of you know, I recently teamed up with the Small Screen Network to create a series of on-line video broadcasts in which I will cover various aspects of cocktails and mixology. This series has been going fantastically, with over 50 episodes already posted.

Please visit Small Screen Network to see the complete list, as well as sign up for updates on new episodes.

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Adventures in Cocktails

The Chanticleer SocietyThe DrinkBoy website was one of the first sites to promote and provide insights on "Craft Cocktails". Many hearald it as being one of the main reasons bartenders as well as customers have embraced cocktails as a cuisine instead of just an alcohol delivery vehicle.

The Discussion Continues

Early on, one of the key benefits I was providing was my discussion forum on the now defunct MSN Groups site. When that site went away, I rethought the overall concept of the discussion forum and rebranded it as the "Chanticleer Society" to embrace more of a community approach. We are still carrying on great discussions over there, so please stop by and join the community! ( http://www.ChanticleerSociety.org )

Featured Article:
Sour Mix: How to Wield That Hammer
Sour mix is an ingredient that many beginners find to be rather confusing. Hopefully I can assist in removing some of the mystery of this very simple ingredient, as well as provide some pointers on it's proper usage.
Featured Cocktail:
Suffering Bastard
A Tiki Cocktail from Egypt
The original name for this drink was apparently the Suffering Bar Steward as created by Joe Scialom at the Long Bar at the Shepheard Hotel in Cairo Egypt (from 1937 to 1952). But as one might expect in a noisy bar after a few drinks, the name gets a little mangled. There are several recipes for this floating about. For mine I turned to one of my favorite sources, Beachbum Berrry's Grog Log, by Jeff Berry.
Featured Website:
Social Mixology
A Cocktailian Portal to Las Vegas
The idea is simple. Introduce people to the best bars and bartenders of Las Vegas by having a monthly social gatherings, events, and friendly competitions. If you are planning on traveling to Las Vegas any time soon, I highly recommend signing up and letting them help you check out the scene!
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