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Tequila Cocktails

Diablo, Frostbite, Guadalahara, Margarita, Prado, Rosita, Twenty-First Century Cocktail,

Tequila is a distilled spirit, made from the blue agave variety of the maguey plant. To obtain the juices, the heart of the plant is chopped, shredded, and cooked into a pulp, it is then pressed for its juices.

The birth of tequila came from the combination of the Aztecs fermented 'pulque', and the process of distillation that was intoduced by the Spanish conquistadores.

The common practice of drinking Tequila shots with lime and salt (Tequila Cruda) apparently dates back to the 1930's when during an outbreak of Spanish Influenza, Mexican doctors began prescribing Tequila be taken this way, apparently it was believed this would improve the absorbtion of the Tequila, and thus make for a better cure.

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