Cocktail Bars and Lounges

Half the fun of being a "Mixology Research Engineer" is of course doing the research. Where better to research cocktails, then at a well stocked bar, with a great bartender?

On this part of my site, I will attempt to capture my thoughts and observations about many of the bars that I hang out at. Due to my geographical location, many of these bars will be in the Seattle area, but I will also attempt to provide information about some of the bars that I visit elsewhere around the globe.

Note: This collection is currently quite out of date. I appologize for not taking the time to update it regularly.

Barcelona (Spain)

Boadas, Dry Martini, Ideal Cocktail,

Berlin (Germany)


Boston (USA)

No. 9 Park,

Los Angeles (USA)

Seven Grand,

New York (USA)

Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel, Lupa, Molyvos, Pegu Club, Flatiron Lounge, Milk & Honey, PDT,

San Francisco (USA)

Frisson, Myth, Enrico's, Bix, Trader Vic's,

Seattle (USA)

Mona's Bistro and Lounge, Zig Zag Cafe, Sambar at Le Gourmand, Canon, Vessel, Canlis, Crush, Fu Kun Woo at ThaiKu, Liberty,