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You can save a current recipe in-progress to a local file, and then open it later to continue working on it.
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Pour Cost Calculator:

This tool will help you to calculate your pour costs for a particular recipe. It will tell you what the "Drink Cost" is for a recipe (how much the raw drink costs to make), it will tell you how much you would need to charge for the drink based upon your "Target Pour Cost" (percentage that the "raw cost" should be of the total cost). It will also provide the percentage cost given a specific cost you want to charge for the drink.


  1. Fill out the "Recipe" details for the drink.
    1. The "amount" value should always be a number, do not use fractions. For 1/2 use ".5".
    2. The "measure" value should be fully filled out, valid values should "auto fill" after you type 3 or more characters.
    3. The "product" value is optional, and is for your reference only.
  2. Fill out the "Pour Cost Calculator" details for the drink.
    1. For each "product" in the recipe:
      1. Fill out the "Price" your establishment pays for whatever size you purchase.
      2. Provide how many units, and at what size that price is for.
        For example, the recipe might call for whiskey, which you purchase for $24.95 a 750ml bottle. You would enter the values of [24.95] / [750] [ml]. In the case of a 750 ml bottle, you could also enter [24.95] / [1] [bottle] (because the system will shorthand 1 bottle to 750ml)
      3. Fill out the "Sell At" amount. This is the price you want to sell the drink at.
      4. Fill out the "Target Pour Cost" amount. This is the percentage of the total price that your establishment wants the total cost to be. 20% to 25% is common.
As you fillout, and change, the values, the calculations will be provided as you go. Next to each ingredient line you will see the "cost" of that ingredient for the recipe. The "Drink Cost" value will reflect how much the drink costs to make. The number next to "Sell At" will indicate the pour cost percentage of the drink (ie. if it is above the "Target Pour Cost" you entered, that means you are selling this drink at a loss). The number next to "Target Pour Cost" will indicate how much you should sell this drink at to meet your establishemnts common pour cost goal.

Cornwall Negroni

Garnish: orange twist
Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail glass.
Source: Phil Ward, Pegu Club (2006)
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